Mag Wheel or Wheel Cap Covers

Scratches to mag wheels & wheel caps often happen when your car’s tyres accidentally scrape the curb while parking. If you have a CCV Plus+ voucher, a CCV approved panel beater will re-spray or restore your damaged mag wheels or wheel caps as fast as you can say ‘schweet’.


A ccv plus+ voucher entitles you to:

  • One mag wheel or wheel cap claim every twelve months (to the value of R600.00 excluding VAT). This includes wheel balancing, a new tubeless valve and re-fitment of the affected tyre.
  • Repair work to your mag wheels and wheel cap is inclusive of, where necessary, the filling of deep scratches in the metal that constitutes mag wheels and wheel caps.
  • No additional amount is payable on mag wheels and wheel cap claims of R600.00 excluding VAT.
  • Once your voucher is active, you may claim once every twelve months for the remainder of your CCV contract term.
  • This is not a mobile service. The CCV call centre will request at least 2 quotations from a CCV approved panel beater in your area before authorising any repair work.
  • Mag wheel and wheel cap repairs are stand-alone services and no other repair work will be undertaken at the same time as a wheel claim.
  • All other services will still be done by the CCV mobile units.
  • CCV will only allow for the replacement of a standard tubeless valve system (Electronic valve systems are excluded).
  • Mag straightening, welding or x-raying of any mag wheel.
  • Damage to your vehicle’s tyres or any other body part of your vehicle.
  • Re-chroming of any mag wheels.