Windscreen Chips / Cracks

Windscreen chips are not only unsightly, but they can also impair vision. These chips often create tiny holes where water can enter the glass substrate & if this water freezes on a cold day, the water will expand and will either make the chip worse, or crack the entire windscreen, damaging it beyond repair. Temperature fluctuations can also result in windscreen chips which can lead to the replacement of a windscreen if not tended to. Note: It is advisable to cover all windscreen chips with a piece of clear-tape to prevent dirt & moisture entering the crevice.


  • A crack where the ‘run’ on the windscreen is less than 100 mm in length is considered repairable.
  • A chip with a diameter of less than 16 mm (or a 10c coin) is considered repairable.
  • Any cracks or chips that exceed the specifications indicated above.