Our Mission

We strive to develop superior products for our clients and end users through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships.

Our Vision

CCV strives to become a benchmark international mobile repair company, and to perform within the top tier of companies competing within this segment, by constantly looking at new business practices and being innovative.


Code of Conduct

We commit ourselves to handling enquiries:
  • Objectively
  • Fairly
  • Effectively
  • Promptly
  • Timeously
When dealing with our clients, we strive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through maintaining:
  • The highest degree of integrity at all times
  • Exceptionally high product standards on and off-site
Our clients' best interest informs everything we do.  We will deliver our product with:
  • A positive attitude
  • Passion
  • Respect for diversity amongst all stakeholers
To us, service excellence means:
  • Being polite, helpful and accessible
  • Providing professional and friendly service
  • Being objective in our judgement and recommendations
  • Ensuring our actions breed loyalty


Management is doing things right.  LEADERSHIP is doing the right thing.
Our staff consistently do the right thing and are proud to work for CCV!