General Terms & Conditions

In return for payment and subject to the terms and conditions stated in this agreement you are eligible for benefits as per the specifications of the category of the voucher purchased. The voucher is applicable to the specific vehicle only. Please note it remains your responsibility to ensure that the content of the agreement with its relevant terms and conditions are fully understood.
  1. Ambiguity: References to the masculine gender include the other genders and vice versa. References to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa. References to natural persons shall include juristic persons and vice versa.


  2. Appointments: The owner of the vehicle is required to utilise the voucher on an appointment basis only by phoning the toll free number: +264 64 400 400 and following the procedures detailed in this document. Appointments must be made well in advance to ensure that your vehicle gets serviced within a reasonable time. Failure to keep the appointment will result in the service being rescheduled for the following month providing your voucher is still valid. CCV strives to service all customers in the shortest possible time and cannot be held liable for damage that extend beyond the specifications from the date of appointment to the service date, especially damage to windscreens and headlights.


  3. Commencement of Benefits: You will only be entitled to utilise benefits under this agreement 30 (thirty days) after the date of your signature on the application form provided that the voucher fees have been paid by you. Existing damage that falls within the specifications of the voucher will be repaired after the 30 day “no service” period.


  4. Conventional Metal: Steel or Aluminium is in terms of this agreement classified as conventional metal. Plastic, fibre glass and similar materials are specially excluded. All vehicles qualify for the voucher provided they are built from conventional metal.


  5. CSI (Customer Service Index): It is expected from all serviced customers to complete and sign a CSI document provided by the technician. This document is used to improve our service levels and give regular feedback to all role players.


  6. Discrepancies: Should any discrepancies arise between this agreement and any literature received in connection with the Car Care Voucher by you, the definitions, conditions, exclusions, terminations, the CCV schedule and any endorsements of this agreement will govern in all cases.


  7. Period of this Agreement: Benefits are for 24 (twenty four) months, 48 (forty eight) months or 60 (sixty) months as specified on the Voucher at the start of this agreement. The maximum period is 60 (sixty) months.


  8. Fees: The single payment you must pay us for benefits under the Car Care Voucher.


  9. Fee Payment: All fees are payable in advance for the option chosen (24, 48 or 60 months) and must be paid upfront on inception of the voucher.


  10. Incorrect Calculations of Fees: In the event that the fees actually paid to CCV is incorrect so that it is in fact insufficient to pay for the benefits as set forth in the Voucher Proposal and Schedule then:
    1. written notification thereof shall be sent by us to you and the Dealership involved (if applicable);
    2. the error may be corrected and is subject to payment of the additional fees. The full benefits will be re-instated; or
    3. if no adjustment is effected within 30 days of the date of the original proposal as reflected in the proposal and schedule, CCV’s liability shall be reduced by the ratio which the shortfall of the fees bears to the total payment due.


  11. Refund and Cancellation Fees: The voucher may be canceled by either party giving 30 (thirty) days written notice. Upon cancellation you will be entitled to a pro-rata refund after deducting a N$500.00 (including VAT) cancellation fee or N$3 000.00 (including VAT) for every service request logged. If the maintenance plan was financed, the pro-rata refund will be credited to your credit agreement.


  12. Recording calls: We may record our telephonic conversations. 
    • Provide a record of the instructions we have received from you;
    • Monitor quality standards;
    • Help us with staff training; and
    • Meet legal and regulatory requirements. All communications and documents will be in English unless otherwise agreed.


  13. Rights: Nothing contained herein shall give any rights against us to any person other than the owner of the voucher as detailed on the application. CCV reserves the right to accept or refuse an application for service, (where such an application falls outside of the specifications).


  14. Transfer of Voucher: The voucher is transferable on approval from CCV under the following conditions:
    1. The voucher is transferable to a new vehicle should the vehicle for which the voucher was issued be written-off or stolen. The remainder of the agreement will be transferred to the replacement vehicle.
    2. The voucher is vehicle specific and may be transferred to the new owner if sold.
    3. All transfer requests must be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. detailing the reason for the request and the changes that would need to be implemented if approved.


  15. Taxes: All fees payable are inclusive of all taxes at the current ruling rate.


  16. Territorial Limits: Benefits are limited to the Republic of Namibia. The voucher is subject to Namibian Law and any payment shall be in Namibian currency.


  17. Voucher Usage: The voucher is valid to be used on a once a month basis only (after 30 days no service period), regardless if one or all of the benefits have been utilised. The voucher remains valid regardless of who was driving when the damage occurred.


  18. You, your: The person or entity named in the application form.