The service assessment card has the necessary measurement tools and details to assist you in making your application. Only valid applications will be entertained. All applications for service must be logged with the CCV call centre, toll free on +264 64 400 400. 

How to Apply
  1. Before contacting our call centre ensure that your vehicle's damage falls within the service assessment card's specifications.


  2. Once you are sure that the application falls within the specification, take two or three photos of the damaged area. This is required by CCV when you log/register your application.


  3. Contact the CCV call centre on the toll free number +264 64 400 400, and provide them with your voucher number. Your voucher number is required to validate your voucher and log/register the application.


  4. Once you have logged a call with the call centre, an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone containing your application reference number, a call centre cell number and an e-mail address.


  5. Whatsapp or e-mail the photos of the damage to the contact details provided and use the application reference number as the subject title. This is to ensure that your application can be assessed and processed efficiently.


  6. Once your application has been assessed, you will be sent an SMS to notify you if your application was approved or declined.


  7. On approval of an application CCV will contact you to set up an appointment (the date and time) for your vehicle to be repaired.


  8. You will be sent a reminder via SMS 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.


  9. In the event that you need to reschedule or cancel the appointment, please contact CCV’s call centre well in advance. Refer to General Agreement point 2 – Appointments.


  10. The CCV mobile unit's technician will also validate the application, and will only perform work according to the CCV brochure and service assessment card.